2017 Registration is now open!

Express Registration is now available.

$100 entry per team, or if you won an entry, please bring that to Registration!! We will still be screening players through the pro web site, include full name of each player and what city they are from for verification. Any player not verified can be eliminated at time of registration.

If you want to mail in your entry, please send a check filled out to Darts Over Missouri, 413 E 33rd Street Kansas City Missouri, 64109. Send checks no later than APRIL 27th!

  • Payment is not required to complete your registration.
  • Register as an individual or for your entire team.
  • You can pay early via check or pay cash at the door.
    (Checks must be postmarked by April 27th.)

What are you waiting for? Register today!

Most of the tournaments are now hosted on the same server. By utilizing one database for multiple tournaments, each tournament can now offer Express Registration.
If you have created a login for any tournament in 2011, your login is the same for all tournaments offering express registration.
If you have registered for any tournament in 2011 a player profile has been created.